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Become a Reseller

Sell using our online store and earn commission

Sell online using our online store and earn commission. Simply register above. Once signed up your unique link and QR code will be visible on your dashboard.  When one of your customers clicks on the link or scans the QR code and makes a purchase we will be notified.  All of your sales will be recorded on your dashboard and you earn commission from those sales. We will also give you a discount code which you can use to purchase stock.

  • You can display posters with your unique QR code in your shop 

  • Share Vitamight on your Social Media with your unique link and QR code.

  • Interested in selling our products at a market? No problem! Contact us and we will put you in touch with our marketing suppliers to make sure you look the part and stick to our brand guidelines.


When someone scans your QR code and buys from our online store, they're your customer!  


We value our brand immensely and require our partners to follow our brand guidelines. We expect high-quality promotional materials and if our standards aren't met we may have to end the partnership.

Below are a couple of tag lines as well as artwork which we encourage you to make use of.


Download:PDF files below / PNG Images in Gallery

Vitaminght logo
Vitamight Smile
scan me.jpg
Vitamight colour strip
Vitamight yellow Text
Tablet Free Text


Spray it don't say it.
Spray it don't take it.
Spray a day keeps the lurgies away.
Every day is spray day.
The spray that saves your day.
The spray that's pure magic.
Spray the world with kindness.
Spray, spray and away!
Spray the magic.
Save time, spray away.
Your very own spray of sunshine.
Spray away your problems.
Spray it loud and proud.
Spraying the way forward.

Spray text.png


Once signed up you can visit our gallery and select the image you want to use for your online marketing. To download your chosen image simply hover over the image and the download icon will appear. Once downloaded the image will be available to post. Remember to include your unique link when posting.

vitamight stand.jpg
vitamight branding.png

QR Code (Sample Only)
Once signed up you will be able to download your unique QR Code. 
This QR Code can be used to advertise on posters, your car or even T-shirts. Anyone that scans it and purchases a product will earn you commission. It's that easy. 

Vitamight QR code


vitamight poster.jpg

Print poster and add your unique QR Code which will be available on your dashboard.

Vitamight QR code
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