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The Vitamight One of Each Vitamin Value Pack is the best way to start your day.

This Package includes:

-Vitamight Everyday Multivitamin

-Vitamight Immune Vitamin C & Zinc

-Vitamight Active


Experience the power of Vitamight Immune, our Vitamin C and Zinc oral spray formulated to provide your body with essential nutrients required to fend off viruses and bacteria that seek to compromise your immune system's defences. Vitamight Immune is the perfect addition to your Everyday Multivitamin. What is Vitamight Immune good for?


Vitamight Active is the healthier alternative. Giving you the energy and brain power you need before your exams and sports matches! It also provides your body with the maximum amount of vitamin B it requires per day. Our oral spray is formulated with no caffeine to ensure that you don't get the anxiety and shaky feeling that comes paired with alternative energy supplements. Vitamight Active is great for using while studying as it activates your brain ensuring you stay focused naturally!


Vitamight Everyday is our essential multivitamin. It's the ultimate power-up for your body, packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need to conquer each day. Vitamight Everyday fills potential nutrient gaps in your diet, promotes proper bodily functions, supports immune function, boosts energy levels and contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, skin and organs.


Vitamight lasts 2 months for Children under 18 years of age.


Vitamim Oral Spray

One of Each Vitamin Value Pack 3

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